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West Virginia Social Security Disability

Our firm has years of experience representing working men and women filing claims for Social Security Disability. A worker is entitled for disability benefits under the Social Security Act if their injury prevents them from active gainful employment. This requires that the individual be unable to perform their past work and that they be unable to acquire additional skills to perform other jobs.

Many times, construction workers and heavy laborers suffer physical injuries or illnesses, on and off of the job, that prevents them from continuing to work. Social Security Disability benefits help the injured worker to preserve their way of life until he or she is eligible for retirement benefits. If you or a loved one are unable to return to your prior job due to an injury or illness, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability. Please contact our office for a consultation and we will be glad to evaluate your case.

Socail Security: did you mean Social Security? "Socail" is a common typo for "social."

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Medical Malpractice

Birth Injury
Birth injury to new babies and their mothers can be immediately devastating, or may not be realized for several years.
Brain Injury
Blunt force trauma, restricted oxygen, or anesthesia mistakes are among the many causes of brain damage and injury.
Medical Negligence
Mistakes may occur at a variety of levels within the healthcare system; incorrect medications and infections as a result of unsanitary conditions are just a few examples of medical negligence.
Wrongful Diagnosis
While many conditions can be difficult to diagnose, carelessness and a lack of attention to patients’ symptoms can lead to wrongful diagnosis and devastating consequences.
Surgical Mistakes
Everything from an accidentally clipped or cut organ to performing surgery on the wrong part of the body fall under the category of surgical mistakes.
Hospital Mistakes
Unsanitary conditions at a hospital can lead to infections, and untrained or incompetent staff can make mistakes that cause injuries due to substandard hospital care and medical negligence.
Wrongful Death
In extreme cases, the careless or negligent care provided by doctors, nurses, and other medical staff can lead to the wrongful death of patients.
Women’s Health Issues
Health issues that are unique to women sometimes get overlooked; conditions such as cervical and breast cancer may go undetected due to misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose, leading to further problems.