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Mistletoe And Winter Rose Used In Mesothelioma Treatment

11Mesothelioma Treatment

Mistletoe And Winter Rose Used In Mesothelioma Treatment

Mesothelioma TreatmentIt is very common for people recently diagnosed with a disease, especially a rare one like mesothelioma, to explore every single possible treatment out there. Complementary and alternative treatment like dieting, herbs, supplements, and acupuncture, are also available.

Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy have been the primary mesothelioma treatments, unfortunately, none of these treatment plans are expected to cure patients with this disease.

It was recently reported for one specific woman, two-holiday plants like mistletoe and winter rose helped her to control the pleural mesothelioma she was diagnosed with. She used extracts of these plants, which possibly have extended her life and improved her wellness.

Stories like this woman can give hope to other people diagnosed with mesothelioma. If you are considering an alternative method to retake the control of your life, this story might help you and your doctor. A West Virginia mesothelioma lawyer at our firm can help you in your search for alternative mesothelioma treatment, even if you have been diagnosed with stage 4 mesothelioma.

Conventional vs alternative treatment

The clinical case was reported in 2017 in the Journal of Thoracic Disease, which tells the story of a German woman of 64 years of age who was diagnosed with stage 3 epithelioid pleural mesothelioma. Samples of the tumor were sent to the German mesothelioma registry for confirmation.

The patient refused to be treated with conventional treatment such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery and pleurodesis, a procedure to remove excess fluid in the lungs.

The woman decided to consult a general practitioner with the qualification to administer mistletoe (Viscum album) and winter rose extracts (Helleborus niger). She received monthly injections and infusions of mistletoe extract for 50 months, while winter rose extract was received periodically, but not every month.

She also received medications and other alternative therapies to help her with emotional distress, disease´s symptomatology, and other resulting chronic conditions like insomnia and hypothyroidism (low thyroid function). If you or a loved one have been recently diagnosed in Ohio or West Virginia, an Ohio mesothelioma lawyer or a West Virginia mesothelioma attorney at our firm can help you.

Clinical case results

The woman´s performance and general health improved in the first 6 weeks of alternative treatment with mistletoe and winter rose extracts. The mesothelioma tumors decreased in size and many of her symptoms disappeared, including her cough.

For 38 months, the disease stabilized, she continued to live for 56 months (nearly 5 years) after being diagnosed. During the major part of that time, she felt well. She never received conventional treatments plans.

Usually, for mesothelioma patients with similar characteristics, approximately 17% of these will live only for 2 years after being diagnosed and just 4% will still be alive 5 years after the diagnosis.

Taking into consideration the previous statistics, the fact that this patient lived for 4 years and 8 months without receiving any kind of conventional treatment is impressive.

Plants give medical inspiration

Therapies based on herbs are now a big part of many diseases´ treatment plans, including cancer´s. More than 50% of cancer medications are made from plants substances, either by using their extracts or modifying their chemical structure into a drug.

Even simple plants like garden flowers are becoming more and more important. A recent study showed that the natural substances found in daffodils have anticancer benefits, giving the possibility of using them, one day in regular cancer treatments.

According to some mesothelioma patients, the use of moringa tree leaves, which include high levels of protein, antioxidants, calcium, and iron, have increased their life expectancy and general health.

Considering all the options after a mesothelioma diagnosis

Deciding what to do after being diagnosed with mesothelioma is a personal choice. Talking with your oncology team, obtaining second opinions, asking about clinical trials options, and knowing more about conventional and alternative treatment options can help you make your decisions.

Complementary and alternative medicine can give new hope to mesothelioma patients due to the lack of an existing cure. Studies show that this type of medicine can help mesothelioma patients in a number of ways, by giving a sense of control, improving quality of life, and helping manage symptomatology and side effects.

Search for cancer centers that offer integrative oncology

Integrative oncology is the combination of conventional and, complementary and alternative cancer treatments. These days, more and more cancer centers are offering this option to the patients.

If you are receiving treatment at a large cancer center, ask the mesothelioma specialists that are managing you if there is a certified and qualified doctor who can advise regarding alternative treatment or you if need to find someone on your own. A West Virginia asbestos lawyer can be a valuable resource for anyone diagnosed in our state.

Besides these treatments, many large treatment centers offer a vast number of supportive therapies such as nutrition and dieting consultations, acupuncture sessions, massages, psychotherapies, among others. As mentioned above, you will have always the option to pursue these on your own.

The alternative methods used specifically in the German woman’s mesothelioma case are already available in Germany. However, in the United States, the use of mistletoe extract is not approved but may be available in certain clinical trials.

Regimens based on complementary and alternative treatments are not proven to cure mesothelioma, but these may increase the chances of having a better and longer life. The important thing is not to demoralize and keep searching for the best treatment for you. Speak with a West Virginia asbestos lawyer about your options for compensation if you have been diagnosed with any stage of mesothelioma.

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