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Goldberg, Persky & White P.C.

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Finding an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to handle your case can be challenging. You need a personal injury lawyer with experience with your type of injury claim. A personal injury attorney who has the knowledge to get your claim resolved promptly and effectively.

Goldberg, Persky & White P.C. is the largest mesothelioma law firm in West Virginia protecting the rights of injured people. As a pioneer in asbestos litigation, Goldberg Persky, & White has been protecting those exposed to asbestos, suffering from lung cancer and mesothelioma, for more than three decades.

Our law firm has also helped many people injured in car accidents, harmed by nursing home abuse, bad faith insurance claims, medical malpractice, harmful chemical exposures, product liability claims, pension fraud, harmful drug exposures, and occupational injuries.

Leif J. Ocheltree

Executive Management Team

11Leif J. Ocheltree

Leif J. Ocheltree

Shareholder / Member Executive Management
11David P. Chervenick

David P. Chervenick

Shareholder / Member Executive Management
11Bruce E. Mattock

Bruce E. Mattock

Shareholder / Member Executive Management

Our Attorneys

11James J. Bedortha

James J. Bedortha

Of Counsel / Attorney
11John R. Pomerville

John R. Pomerville

Shareholder / Attorney
11John N. Kelsey

John N. Kelsey

Shareholder / Attorney

Jason T. Shipp

Shareholder / Attorney
11Leif J. Ocheltree

Leif J. Ocheltree

Shareholder / Member Executive Management
11Charles J. McLeigh

Charles J. McLeigh

Shareholder / Attorney
11Jason E. Luckasevic

Jason E. Luckasevic

Shareholder / Attorney
11Diana Nickerson Jacobs

Diana Nickerson Jacobs

Shareholder / Attorney
11Joseph J. Cirilano

Joseph J. Cirilano

Shareholder / Attorney
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